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‘Salvation and the “Pursuit of Happiness”’, Public Orthodoxy, 20 March 2017, at

‘When the Pope and Patriarchs Go Island Hopping: Cuba, Lesbos, and Crete’, Public Orthodoxy, 16 April 2016, at:

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On-line version of the same essay at Public Orthodoxy, 10 March 2016,

‘Why Did Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Agree to Meet with Pope Francis? A Primer in Byzantine Politics of the Russian Orthodox Church’, Public Orthodoxy, 6 February 2016, at:

‘Can Anything Good Come out of a Pan-Orthodox Council? A Response to Detractors’, Public Orthodoxy, 22 January 2016, at:

Russian translation: «Может ли быть что доброе от Всеправославного Собора? Ответ недоброжелателям», Релiгiя в Українi, 21 February 2016, at and at

‘Diaspora and American Orthodoxy’, Public Orthodoxy, September 2015, at: