Interdisciplinary Colloquia

In 2014, Dr. Gavrilyuk created the Interdisciplinary Colloquia series at the University of St. Thomas. The aim of the colloquia is to highlight the scholarly research of the faculty of the Theology Department and to engage in conversation about their work in a hospitable atmosphere. The works discussed in the series have included:


Michael Rota, Taking Pascal’s Wager: Faith, Evidence and the Abundant Life (Downer’s Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2016) with Billy Junker (Catholic Studies) responding (October 2, 2017).

Timothy Pawl, In Defense of Conciliar Christology: A Philosophical Essay (Oxford University Press, 2016), with Mark DelCogliano (theology) responding (February 27, 2017).

Kimberly Vrudny, Beauty’s Vineyard: A Theological Aesthetic of Anguish and Anticipation (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2016), with Dr. Wayne Roosa (Chair of Art and Art History, Bethel University) responding (September 26, 2016).

Mark DelCogliano, St. Basil the Great: Homilies on Christian Doctrine and Practice(Crestwood: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2012), with Dr. Michael Slusser (Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Theology at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh) responding (February 22, 2016).

Mark McInroy, Balthasar on the Spiritual Senses, with Cyril O’Regan (Notre Dame) responding (October 5, 2015).

Thomas Sullivan and Russell Pannier, Modern Challenges to Past Philosophy, Arguments and Responses, with Douglas Lewis (University of Minnesota) responding (September 21, 2015).

Corrine Carvalho, “The God that Gog Creates,” with Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell (art history) responding (March 23, 2015). 

Massimo Faggioli, Sorting Out Catholicism, with Meg Wilkes-Karraker (sociology) responding (February 16, 2015).

Paul Gavrilyuk, Georges Florovsky and the Russian Religious Renaissance, with Marcus Plested (Theology Department, Marquette University) responding (September 29, 2014).

David Penchansky, Understanding Wisdom Literature: Conflict and Dissonance in the Hebrew Text, with Terence Fretheim (Luther Seminary) responding (March 14, 2014).

Amy Levad, Redeeming a Prison Society: a Liturgical and Sacramental Response to Mass Incarceration (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2013) with Peter Parilla (sociology) responding (February 19, 2014).