Graduate Courses

download-1.jpgDr. Gavrilyuk has been teaching graduate courses in history of Christianity, systematic theology, and Eastern Christianity for over twenty years.

At the University of St. Thomas, he has offered Patristics, Theology of God, Paths to Holiness, Eastern Christianity, Spiritual Perception in History and Theology.

At Southern Methodist University, he taught Christian Heritage I & II (an introductory two-semester history of Christianity course), Systematic Theology, and Understandings of Atonement.

During a one-semester visit to Harvard Divinity School in 2008, he taught a lecture course on Human and Divine Suffering as well as an advanced seminar on Russian Religious Thought. A byproduct of the seminar was his book, Georges Florovsky and the Russian Religious Renaissance (Oxford, 2013).

In addition, he has guest-taught at the following schools nationally and internationally: Varieties of Twentieth-Century Neopatristic Theology (Pappas Summer Patristics Institute, Brookline, Massachusetts); History of the Catechumenate (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine); Introduction to Thomas Aquinas (St. Thomas Aquinas Institute, Kiev, Ukraine).