Evil & Suffering (THEO 427)

God’s Mother Suffering, unknown artist, 17th c. Greek Orthodox Church and Museum, Miskolc

This seminar addresses the perennial problem of suffering and evil in light of contemporary research on human flourishing and happiness. The central question of the course is whether suffering can play a constructive role in the good life. While some forms of suffering are destructive, other forms of suffering, given the right attitude, can be conducive to the building of character and leading a life that has a richer meaning. The course brings a theological viewpoint to bear on these issues; it also draws on the resources of philosophy, psychology, literature, and history. The written assignments will encourage the students to integrate course material, articulate their own assumptions about suffering and human flourishing, and apply general principles to real-life situations. 

Course Syllabus

Orientation PowerPoint

Biblical Responses to Evil PowerPoint